How To Build Buzz For Your Business Without Breaking Your Budget 

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Hi. I’m Bob France with

Do you own or manage a small business in Albuquerque? Are you looking for the best way to tell everyone about your great products and services?

If so, I’d like to talk to you about an exciting new way to promote your business -- and one that’s very inexpensive.

Let’s suppose you have a special offer -- like ‘buy 1, get 1 free’, for example. What’s the best way to tell everyone about it?

Traditional forms of advertising, such as newspaper and direct mail are expensive and may not be very effective.

Groupon and similar deal sites can actually hurt your business because they keep all the profit.

What if you could promote your offer through a viral online sweepstakes that people are sharing with thousands of their friends?

And what if it only cost you $29 and donation of a small prize?

That's the vision behind LocalStakes, an advertising platform that incorporates a weekly sweepstakes drawing, and is designed to give your business maximum exposure at minimal cost

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